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The adjudicated newspaper's role is providing notice of government actions, placing public notices, and informing the local community of pertinent actions affecting the residents in a particular geographic area. These ads are known as legal ads. These ads are a part of our National History and our Constitutional Rights. Government agencies have been required to make citizens aware of official government activities, especially those that impact a local community. Public notices in adjudicated newspaper’s inform a wide variety of people of necessary information, that is require by law to give proper legal notice. As an adjudicated newspaper it is our duty and our honor to provide this information to the residents of the Communities we serve and the surrounding areas. Publishing these notices also serves as an important legal audit. The newspaper acts as an independent third party to legally verify that the government agency, business owner, creditor, and many others with legal responsibilities to give public notice, had in fact given the proper public notice as required by law. Look through these public notices. You may be surprised by what you may learn.

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