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Many people still love the traditional aspect of newspapers and love to read about the local news as they hold it in their hands, thousands of residents and community members receive their hardcopy newspaper in their mail box through our subscriptions. We also serve many drop-off locations restaurants, donut shops, gas stations and beauty shops just to mention a few. We love to hear "We see the City News everywhere".

Our website and social media really spreads the word about you and your product or service. According to our webmaster, our stats change significantly with the content of the articles on our website. We receive numerous views each day, over 10,000 a day from this highly targeted audience. We have found that our readers also stay on our website for a longer amount of time, on average approximately 6 minutes, compared to the average time spent on other websites. We attribute the success of our website to the transparency and high quality of our content. No other newspaper covers city specific events and local coverage like we do. As you can tell, we are proud of the content we produce and our readers feel the same, because they keep coming back to our website each day to stay updated and learn new information about what is going on locally.

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For years businesses have trusted us to get the word out and we continue to compliment our creative department's ad designs with news and information to keep the readers' eyes on the page long enough for your advertisement to prove effective. With a sea of options for your business ranging from the small start-up directory ads to the larger format ads, there is something for every business. We have made it a practice to work with you and for you. Please fill-in the below form and one of our friendly reps will contact you within 1 business day. We look forward to serving you!

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