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‘Go Human’ Campaign to Promote Safety

By Margaret de Larios
Media Contact
2020-09-04 at 10:32:57

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) re-launches its highly successful Go Humanadvertising campaign this month throughout the region to encourage drivers to slow down and look for people walking.

SCAG has secured advertising space throughout the region on billboards, gas pump toppers, convenience stores, and bus shelters – all located in areas with high rates of collisions. The campaign also will also rely on digital ads to ensure its message of safety reaches drivers before they get on the road.

In the six-county SCAG region, walking or bicycling accounts for 8.9% of all trips, but 27% of all roadway fatalities, according to Connect SoCal, SCAG’s 2020-2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The risk is disproportionately higher in disadvantaged communities, which account for two-thirds of all fatal auto-pedestrian and auto-bicyclist accidents. One reason for that: Households making less than $35,000 per year are 80% more likely to make walking trips than those earning more than that amount.

To address some of these issues, Connect SoCal has identified $22.5 billion in active transportation investments across the six-county region over the nest 25 years – double the amount from the 2016 regional transportation plan.

“Pedestrian safety is critical to the future of our region on multiple levels – from promoting social equity and healthy communities to ensuring the efficiency of an increasingly integrated mobility network. Go Human plays a vital role in elevating that awareness and creating positive change,” said Rex Richardson, SCAG President and a Long Beach City Councilmember.

Kome Ajise, SCAG’s Executive Director, noted that the number of daily active transportation trips in the six-county region is expected to increase by more than 2 million by 2045. This expected increase requires significantly higher investment and attention to ensure safety and reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths involving pedestrians and cyclists.

“Largely through the help of Go Human, Southern California has become a national model for active transportation advocacy and implementation. At the same time, we’re an increasingly congested region, which puts additional strains on our entire transportation system. We need to make sure we’re doing everything in our power to make our roadways safer for everyone,” Ajise said.

Funding for Go Human is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Additional information on SCAG’s Go Human campaign is available at

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