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Fatherhood Summit Raises Awareness of the Unique Role of Fathers

By Ruby Stephenson
Community Writer
03/21/2024 at 07:32 AM

A Fatherhood Summit organized by Children’s Network’s Inland Empire Fatherhood Involvement Coalition attracted an array of fathers to Clement Middle School in San Bernardino County on Saturday, March 9. The event showcased the collective efforts of various county departments and community vendors committed to servicing fathers and their families.

The summit provided a platform for attendees to delve into vital aspects of fatherhood, ranging from statistics to organizational initiatives and available resources to encourage fathers to actively participate in every facet of their children’s lives. Fathers and their children attended informative sessions, interactive displays and networking opportunities, all geared towards promoting positive paternal involvement.

Fathers and their children enjoyed various activities, including coloring sessions, ring toss, basketball and more. The camaraderie among the fathers kept the children engaged and excited to cheer on their father figures while competing for toys for their little ones. Adding an extra layer of fun and entertainment, cosplayers dressed as familiar faces such as Deadpool and Spider-Ham, a pig version of Spiderman and fan favorite among the comic book community.

Interim Children’s Network Officer Kevin Anderson said, “The Fatherhood Summit was impactful, raising awareness of the importance of the father’s role in the daily lives of their children. Children’s Network through the Inland Empire Father Involvement Coalition and resource vendors showed up for these fathers and their children, giving them an amazing day of fun and providing them with invaluable information to empower fathers and strengthen family bonds within the community. On this day, the fathers were the true superheroes.”

The Inland Empire Fatherhood Involvement Coalition will host a second Fatherhood Summit next month on April 13 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ontario City Library. The event is free and you can register using the following link: Don’t miss out on this great event celebrating and empowering San Bernardino County fathers and father figures.