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County Sheriff Seeks Information...

By Gus Bahena
Community Writer
03/21/2024 at 07:26 AM

The San Bernardino National Forest and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is seeking information about individuals transporting and dumping engine oil near the forest, December 2023.

A tall, white Dodge van was observed and photographed with several dozens of five-gallon containers of used engine oil that came from tractor-trailers. The van belongs to the Jinhong mobile truck repair and oil changing service.

The forestry service is asking the public for leads on the identity of the individuals, who drove the van and dumped the oil last year.

“Dumping is something we take very seriously,” USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Ishmill Lett said. “We are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect or suspects responsible for this violation.”

According to Lett, the action violates California penal code 374.3, which makes it illegal to dump on public and private property punishable by a fine of up to $10,000. Also, pursuant to section 117555 of the California health and safety code, a person who dumps illegally is punishable by up to six months in jail.

Anyone with information about the individuals can call the forest dispatch at (909) 383-5594 after hours or contact San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Acting Detective Richard Morales at (909) 805-4976 and or Lett at (626) 340-5587 during business hours.